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Build pathways for free in minutes not months.
Build it all online
Like Google Drive, Curbside lets clinicians and medical directors collaborate online to create and edit CDS in real-time.
Use pathways from other institutions
The open source environment of Curbside allows you to copy, modify and share pathways from experts around the world.
Customize to your local environment
Instead of spending years building your own pathways, you can customize the pathways already on Curbside to fit the specific needs of your institution.
An entire suite of clinical pathways for free
That's right, by implementing Curbside you get free access to use over 95 published, open source pathways built by experts around the world. Instead of spend millions of dollars and years of time, you can jump start your clinical effectiveness team with one click.
Customize to your local enviroment
Every health care system is different, CDS should adjust and be customizable to the context it is being used. Curbside allows you to avoid the 98% of the hard work of building a pathway and quickly edit specific details for your institution.
You own the content
Curbside believes that clinical content is the property of those who create it. Therefore, any content that you create on Curbside is yours to keep and disseminate as you wish. Want to keep it just for your institution, great. What to share it with the world, even better, we can help. It's up to you!
Get more out of your clinical pathways by integrating them into your EHR
Curbside Augmented CPOE is an EHR app that allows your physicians, PA/NPs and nurses to order directly off of clinical pathways within your existing EHR. Clinical decision support is only as good as the workflow it supports. Meet your clinical providers where they work and make it easier for them to make the best decisions where it matters.
Works inside your existing EHR. No new software
Curbside is an EHR app that allows your organization to add all of it's functionality without changes to it's core infrastructure. That means you can be up and working with Curbside in just a few days, not years.
Offload repetitive tasks
Physicians are trained (and enjoy) making complex decisions with incomplete information in the context of a human relationship. Unfortunately, much of their work consists of mundane repetitive tasks and documentation for common disease processes. Curbside takes these burdens off the physician so they can go back to what they do best.
Presented findings
Improving Time to Antibiotics in Fever in Pediatric Oncology Patients
Heather Hickman, RN
Emergency Nurses Association National Conference. Poster: Oct 2017.
Standard model for treating febrile pediatric patients with oncologic processes lead to changes in provider engagement, labs ordered, medications delivered and provider-provider handoff.
Novel Web-Based Algorithm for the Diagnosis and Management of Pediatric Acute Pancreatitis.
Ke-You Zhang, MD, Dan Imler, MD, Zachary M. Sellers, MD, PhD
Stanford University School of Medicine, Pediatric Research Retreat. Poster: Apr 2017.
First treatment algorithm for pediatric acute pancreatitis published in an open access location. Utilized by ~1,000 unique providers from 7 countries in the first 8 months.
Evidence-Based Clinical Pathways Improve Emergency Care For Children.
Dan Imler, MD
Spectrum Innovation Research Symposium Poster: Jan 2016.
  • Time to albuterol – ↓ 41.8 min (38.0%)
  • Time to steroids – ↓ 32.2 min (35.6%)
  • Time to steroids – ↓22.4 min (37.7%)
  • % Receiving albuterol – ↓ 9.6%
Ketamine Sedation
  • % Receiving ondansetron – ↑ 47.7%
  • Length of ED stay – ↓ 75.6 min (17%)
  • % Receiving opioids – ↓ 6.7% (30.7%)
  • % Receiving triptans – ↑ 7.6% (58%)
  • Time to headache medication – ↓ 28 min (23.3%)
Febrile Neutropenia
  • Time to antibiotics – ↓ 51.3 min(49.9%)
Neonatal Sepsis
  • Time to antibiotics – ↓ 119.9 min (70.2%)
Frequently Asked Questions
What does it take to get started?
Email us and we'll set up your institution within a day or two. You can start making pathways right away and publish them the same day. It's the fastest, easiest way to get standard work into the hands of your clinicians.
Who owns the content?
We believe that clinical content on Curbside has the potential to help people across the globe, therefore we make not claim on the content created on the service. You have the right to create, share and remove any content you wish any time you want. See our terms for further information.
Can I put it in my EHR?
Of course! You have two options. First you can simply point your EHR to the curbside URL to let your clinicians view the pathways in the normal workflow. You can also extend the value of your pathways by implementing Curbside's Augmented CPOE that allows your physicians to order directly off of the pathway into your EHR.
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